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Google Algorithm Update 2021: A Complete Guide

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There are more than 200 factors are considered by Google’s search algorithm to rank higher on the search engine result page. There is the rapid pace of Google algorithm update makes it always a challenge to keep ahead of the latest SEO factors. The factors that may influence the rankings include responsive design, page speed, internal and external links, technical SEO, on-page optimization, a secure and accessible website, Google reviews and ratings, long and informative content, mobile-friendliness and many more. 

Google Algorithm Update This Year 2021

Here is some of the most important Google algorithm update 2021.

Page Experience Update:

Google confirms its most anticipated Page Experience update has started rolling out. There may not expect to see drastic changes on the sites as a result of this update and the immediate impact of the rollout can be seen in the results that appear in the Top Stories. It might be mitigated by the gradual rollout process and the rollout will be completed by August. 

In the mobile version, the top stories carousel will start seeing non-AMP pages in Google Search. It means the webpage can feature in the News Carousel irrespective of its Core Web Vitals score or page experience status. The page experience ranking factor may not play a key role at least till August. You are having time till August to work on improving the Core Web Vitals metrics to complete the process. 

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The Page Experience includes Google algorithms with other ranking elements such as safe browsing, mobile-friendliness, HTTPS, and No intrusive interstitials. Core Web Vitals is the fifth factor added by Google to gauge the user experience. Together all these will become a part of a group of signals. The website’s page loading speed, visual stability, and responsiveness are also taken into account by these signals. Google uses to grade the page experience using these factors. Google page experience update 2021 helps the users identify content that offers a great user experience.

Core Algorithm Update:

Core Web Vitals are a set of specific factors that influence your search engine result page considered by Google in a webpage’s overall user experience. Core Web Vitals are becoming ranking signals for search results and confirmed by Google. This also combines with existing UX-related signals. Google starts to pay a lot of attention to the on-page experience, while others still spend a lot of time mainly focussing on keyword optimization, backlinks, and mobile experience. 

Google has announced that it has started the rollout of the first broad core update of 2021 – June 2021 Core Update. Google announced a core update last time was back in December. Generally, the rollout of the core updates follows a pattern of three months, this time it took 6 months to rollout the latest update by Google. The core web vitals update definition remains the same as always.

The core update rollout intended to produce relevant and authoritative content to searchers. The sites that offer quality and authoritative content and even failed to rank on the search engine results page will benefit from the update. 

Google noted that the update is rolling out in parts as certain modules are not fully ready. It forces Google to roll out a partial update this time. However, Google announced that another Core Update will be rolled out next month and will be called the July 2021 Core Update.

Google is trying to make the search results to rank higher that are more relevant to the users. You can expect a change of SERP rankings due to the impact of the update. Make sure to update the content by adding more relevance intents to rank higher if your site may dip in rankings. The update is not focused on links or any other aspect and is based purely on the search relevance.

Google Product Review Update: 

The product review update was first announced on April 2021, now Google has completed rolling out the update. The product review update emphasizes the quality of review type content and the need to meet user intent and was fully rolled out on April 22, 2021

Google is not penalizing sites that feature product reviews with low-quality content. It means that when another site with better content shows up while your site pushed down in the SERPs. 

Google intends to appreciate sites that help users to make better choices with unbiased and insightful product reviews. Google product review update checks only on product review type content and not others. 

Google Updates will Have Great Impact on Websites

This update will certainly have an impact on a product review website and it is important to revamp the content to be in line with this new algorithm update. However, Google has also provided noteworthy tips to help website owners to rank better with this update by understanding what kind of product content. This update is focused mainly on useful product reviews. 

These are some of the most important Google algorithm updates in 2021. 

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